Cavity floor

Cavity floor laid dry


A dry cavity floor provides a hollow space for installations. The surface of this system floor consists of one-layer mineral fibre panels with groove edges. The milled panels are affixed to each other due to static reasons. The access to the installations in the cavity happens through inspection openings or through an integrated access floor duct. A dry cavity floor system can be used with a wide variety of surfaces like e.g. elastic or textile surfaces, parquet, laminate, or stone.


Additionally the cavity floor can be fitted with a floor heating or air conditioning, respectively.


Characteristics of this floor system:


- non-flammable panel material

- dry laying, no moisture during building

- laying of the surface immediately possible (no waiting times due to the drying out of the screed)

- Adjustment to all floor systems possible

- High load capacity

- Height adjustment possible

- Largest possible space for installations

- Level surface

- Mounting of descending floor possible


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